…But it doesn’t Cool! – VW T5 Air Conditioning Fix – Edd China’s Workshop Diaries 45

Now the van is running right, thoughts turn to comfort. There’s a mysterious bug in the Air Conditioning system and, having found an error code for a temperature sensor, I start the investigations. Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 45 – Sorting out the AC system on my VW T5 Van. For more information, or to buy my Ansell gloves, use these links:- 🇬🇧 https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/6CBA2E51-1B15-4E3A-A23E-ADDF8165C99B?channel=Youtube 🇫🇷 https://www.amazon.fr/stores/page/0082DC70-8FFC-450B-B231-8CA1A25BE1C4?channel=youtube 🇮🇹 https://www.amazon.it/stores/page/659AE816-0F4A-43A2-B7C6-D0DE98E960B0?channel=Youtube 🇩🇪 https://www.amazon.de/stores/page/3CD5FA20-B51A-4EBC-A1C1-D2CAE9DBE252?channel=Youtube 🇪🇸 https://www.amazon.es/stores/page/96333BE1-8E53-4877-AF44-CE5D53E58A07?channel=Youtube 🇳🇱 https://www.amazon.nl/stores/page/4824CC34-2FFD-4CDD-96BC-BE2F56B74CCE?channel=Youtube Buy a signed copy of my book and our new Big Mugs here: https://www.eddchina.com/eddgear For the Milwaukee tools used in this episode, follow these links: Ratchet & Socket Sets – https://bit.ly/3xAOb97 VDE Pliers – https://bit.ly/3iTLqc7 Range of spanners – https://bit.ly/3D3WVFT USB Rechargeable Pocket Flood Light – https://bit.ly/3DuJ64j USB Rechargeable Pivoting Work Light – https://bit.ly/3DSWzmy M18™ Heat Gun – https://bit.ly/35uvc6f A huge thanks to those of you that have already become ‘Patreons’, it is brilliant to have you on board. For those interested in joining our happy throng, you can support the show directly, by going to: https://www.patreon.com/WorkshopDiaries A round of applause to our production pixies, who have to drag the lights into place, capture the sound, crank the cameras and assemble each week’s rusty bits of video into each dazzling episode. Thanks to my brand partners who are supporting the channel; to find out more about them, please go to our website: https://www.workshopdiaries.com Our Infrastructure partner, RWC: https://www.rwc.com/ Our tool partner, Milwaukee Tools: https://uk.milwaukeetool.eu/ Our welding partner, BOC: https://www.boconline.co.uk/shop/en/uk/gas-a-z If your company would like to get involved as a commercial partner, please contact [email protected] …and if your company has a cool or interesting product or process that you think the audience would like to find out more about, please do also get in touch. So, grab a mug of stewed tea and some lasered popcorn and join in for this week’s episode! To Ask Edd questions: [email protected] Follow me on Social Media: Instagram https://instagram.com/theeddchina Twitter https://twitter.com/theeddchina Facebook https://facebook.com/eddchina Practical Classics Magazine: https://www.practicalclassics.co.uk/magazine/issues/march-4/ #EddChina #WorkshopDiaries #EddChinasWorkshopDiaries #RangeRover #RustyChassis #RustRover #EdChinasWorkshopDiaries #ProjectCar #RustRemedy #RustyRangeRover #ClassicRangeRover #Edd China new tv show program #Wheeler Dealers #JoyasSobreRuedas #Diegebrauchtwagen-profis #AffariaQuattroRuote #Garage Revival Joyas Sobre Ruedas, Affari a Quattro Ruote, Die gebrauchtwagen-profis tamirat tadilat

15 thoughts on “…But it doesn’t Cool! – VW T5 Air Conditioning Fix – Edd China’s Workshop Diaries 45

  1. On an episoed of WD you did the a/c recharge yourself as you said you had been on a course and got the required certification. So why call in someone else? Did Discovery snatch your tools?

  2. Watching with interest as my 2009 has a similar problem. Have you checked the radiator fan? This needs to run when the AC is on. You can activate it via VCDS
    I did mine and it only has low speed not high. The fan is controlled by a module bolted to the chassis leg. I believe this module also controls the AC. Good luck mate👍

  3. Reminds me when my temp sensor decided to fail when it was several below zero one morning! As I drove the car thought the outside temperature was increasing dramatically, got up to around 40C I think, but played absolute havoc with the climate control. I could manually switch off the A/C, but it was a moot point when the air temp is around -5, and any temperature set on the climate control was below the sensor readout, so it automatically put the fans on full, unless I forced it into ‘HI’, which triggers it to provide max heat at max fan speed, which is nice for a few minutes, but 7kw of heat output soon gets very hot! Whenever I changed the temp it would default to auto and put the fan speed to max, so it was a matter of flicking between ‘Hi’ and the highest temp, but each time I did so having to reduce the fan speed to lowest (so as to not get too hot or cold), there are 10 fan speeds and only a push button to go up and down.
    And at the same time, the door handle sensor decided to play up, meaning the window (which drops an inch when the door handle is pulled) kept opening and closing an inch whilst driving down the motorway!

  4. good bit of decent flux should have let you solder without making the workshop smell like a chippy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Hi Edd, I had an n5 injector fault on my t5 2.5t 174. After 2 garages, new injectors, new injector cable and a lot of time. On the way home from the last garage it died again, after a few minutes of trying it fired up. So back to garage and explain again it seems like it’s running out of fuel. Turns out fuel sender was way down on pressure, so just a point of interest I asked. Which injector is first on the fuel rail, the look of realisation came over his face. As he says number 5, my wallet cried a little.

  6. It is such a fine thing that super qualified people like Edd, Paul and John are around. Hats off for the practical people.

  7. As always top work Edd and Paul, it’s like wheeler dealers but with no sh1t🤷‍♂️😉😂
    Don’t get me wrong still like watching wheeler dealers with Mike and now Elvis, Christ what does he do to the techs👀😳🤯🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

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