How does the air conditioner work?

It is an animation that explains how the air conditioner works in an easy to understand. I hope this video will help you understand how the air conditioner works. – The basic principle of air conditioning – Principle of compressor – Principle of scroll compressor – Principle of condenser – Principle of expansion valve – Principle of evaporator

17 thoughts on “How does the air conditioner work?

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  1. Excellent video, thank you very much about your interesting information, could you please tell me the software that you use for make this video?

  2. Even though I took Air Conditioning class for a semester,
    at the end I still dont know where the condensated water go until you explained the process in the last video.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You addressed and shown the scroll compressor! I learned at a young age that I am NOT an educator. It can be hard for me to word matters accordingly. I love this video on all counts. Excellent description combined with very clear visuals make this explanation absolutely perfect to direct others towards.

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