Jeep CJ on 43″ Tires Gets Air Conditioning!

Even though there’s snow on the ground, there’s a Jeep Wrangler CJ on 43″ tires in the shop that needs air conditioning installed! Who ever said that an off road rig can’t have creature comforts?! To check out more Lite Brite Nation content & merch, click here →

15 thoughts on “Jeep CJ on 43″ Tires Gets Air Conditioning!

  1. Fabricating Geniuses! What a difference when everything is routed correctly, and everything has its place. The CJ looks great. Nice to have AC, especially in this weather! Bec, your LJ will be terrific with the same attention to detail. LiteBriteNationFabricatesFantacies!

  2. Chris & Bec nice to see you two Back. Jeep looks Killer can’t wait to see it Climb. Chris don’t let you lady Friend get away She need a Rock 💍like that Jeep can Climb. Bec just Twist Chris Arm until he say uncle . Peace Be With You Two 👍🏻

  3. I’ve been watching you guys for awhile now. Dude you are one damn good fabricator/ mechanic.

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