Living with air conditioning: cool summers and warm winters with an air-source heat pump

On the hottest day England has ever had, we’ve been able to enjoy a cool house thanks to our Panasonic Etherea air-to-air heat pump — a system we’ve had for over a year. It’s a surprise to a lot of people that ASHP can cool as well as heat rooms, but that’s the benefit of an air-to-air system instead of the more common air-to-water. It’s not suitable for everyone — and air conditioning is arguably not very good for the environment! — but we go into what kind of system we’ve got, how much it cost, and how it’s been for us in the past year. This video is purely about our experience with it so it’s light on technical information! Don’t watch if you want to know how a heat pump works — I’m still too stupid to understand that. There are no stats in this video as the Panasonic app is terrible and I don’t trust what it’s reporting, but if you’re interested I can try and dig a little deeper and do a separate video about that. I’ll see how much interest this subject gets first! Our system was installed by AAC Group who were brilliant: Tweet me: Please support the channel! Please use my referral links if you’re looking to change to Octopus Energy or hire an EV with Onto: Octopus Energy: £50 off — (or quote “free-sage-191” to them) Onto: £50 off — (use referral code 31af4) Chapters: 00:00 – London’s burning 00:56 – Our air conditioning units 03:03 – Why did we get it? 07:51 – Installation and cost 09:37 – Gas and processed meats 13:09 – Air conditioning is bad for the environment! 14:18 – Power usage right now 15:59 – Nice view, bad for heat 17:41 – Panasonic’s app 19:49 – Running costs (spoiler alert: I have no idea) 21:29 – Anniversary! 22:29 – Using the system 26:04 – Things we like 29:49 – Insulate! 30:51 – Things we don’t like 32:13 – Looking at the heat pump outside 35:15 – Cleaning the filters 37:02 – Meh 38:28 – Conclusion and Flaviana does marketing #AirConditioning #ASHP #AirSourceHeatPump #Heatwave

24 thoughts on “Living with air conditioning: cool summers and warm winters with an air-source heat pump

  1. Perfect timing. I was about to invest in a Mitsubishi system but instead bought a joint of organic, nitrate free, unsmoked gammon. You’ve saved me a fortune.

    1. @Vicki In this video at 18:45 in the video here, you will see that the Panasonic used 13 kw of energy on the 19 july of 2022. That is a lot. My Daikin used 66kw the entire summer in the living room 17 kw the entire summer in the kitchen and 44 kw the entire summer in the bedroom, and it was on for days with the heat. Someone in my family has a Mitsubishi and energy consumption is like mine. But the Mitsubishi is better for heating with its hyperheating technology. Heatpumps lose efficiency when its less than 7C outside. The Mitsubishi can go to -15C before its losing efficiency.

    2. @Vicki Mine use 0 in summer because I have 20 solar panels and still have an analogue meter. When Digital meter comes free cooling in Summer. Free heating in September/October/March/April because solar panels produce enough to cover daily usage. November/February is 3,5 euro a day for heating and December/January will be 5,5 euro a day with current expensive electricity prices in Belgium. Compared with heating with gas is 20 euro a day on average with current prices.

  2. As previously stated very entertaining but importantly informative. You guys are so good. Love the total honestly from you both. Keep giving us these real time updates.

  3. Just watched this video and I still have a big smile on my face. So entertaining the banter between you and it was informative. It’s lovely to see natural people being themselves. Happy anniversary.
    P.s. love to see the blooper’s.

  4. May I ask what model you have?
    I’m getting my set up installed on the 21st November and will be getting the 4z80Tbe and don’t know it should be fixed to the wall or on the ground?
    From what I saw is yours fixed to the ground?

    Many thanks

  5. This charming video was mostly about two people who are clearly madly in love with each other despite their very different personalities and approaches to life!
    It was also good about using icons air-conditioning for heating and cooling. Their lack of preparation for the video, disagreements about facts and figures and doing it on the hoof made the video longer but it was entertaining – it’s not often I laugh out loud several times during a heat pump video!
    Thank you!

  6. Can’t that bloody woman stop interrupting with irrelevant shit! The poor bloke can’t get a word in edgeways. She loves the sound of her own voice that’s for sure! 🙄

  7. Questi video semi-professionali sono molto piu’ divertenti di quelli super-techno. E poi Flaviana e’ spontanea e diretta. I had fun watching her recommendations on what to avoid in the prosciutto. Ma adesso cosa facciamo?

  8. What’s fascinating is in NZ I’ve *only* seen the air to air. To the point that when I got a house with a central heating system (which is unusual here) I didn’t have a clue there was a heat pump system that worked with central heating! The boiler needed replacing and we got a diesel one which was all we were aware was available. A year later, now I know about air pumps for central heating I’m getting it replaced. Annoying and expensive and I’m gutted I didn’t know about this system last year.

  9. We’re just starting to research a2a systems and came across this, I wasn’t expecting to laugh so much whilst learning you make a great double act, thank you for sharing your experience and for all the giggles – deli meats and Siri is sh1t 😂

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