My air conditioning energy costs and installation costs

My air conditioning energy Costs Air conditioning unit installed, The Ultimate installation for the UK Home 2020 July Kent Air Solutions Install video SaharaGaming Save £20 when you use this code ( Allinone ) at checkout on their website. Cost 18/07/2021 = £415 Electric only £277.60 Cost 19/07/2022 = £329 Electric only £371.62 0:00 The intro 0:28 The video sponsor 0:56 The installers and how much it cost 4:37 Running costs 8:45 The outro AFFILIATES & REFERRALS ►Amazon UK Global ► ►OcUK Affiliate Program ►TESmart ►Ipvanish ►PureVPN ►Printerinks ►Freepik ►eBay ►eneba ►CheapHostUK 10% discount code use “Yorkies” ►Teckin ​If you would like to support the channel: Patreon: =================================================== Disclaimer. By following my advice you do so at your own risk. Please do your own due diligence and research. =================================================== *FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES* [email protected]

18 thoughts on “My air conditioning energy costs and installation costs

  1. Bet you’ve been loving it!! I was thinking about your air con the other day when it was near 40 degrees lol

    1. I have been loving it, we get a good night’s sleep and it’s comfortable to sit indoors when it’s to hot outside

    2. @Yorkies Bits and Bobs Home Tech my flat is so much cooler in the summer than my mums house. So even though it’s been hotter this year my fan has sufficed but I’ve been looking at second hand portable machines though. It’s becoming pretty regular that we have extreme heat every summer now so you definitely made a good investment i think!

    3. @Bug Thank you for the comment, I might be wrong but I’m sure you can install aircon in a flat

  2. We had it fully installed 3 years ago, 4 units. It was 40°c here and the house was 20°c.

    Last year was about an additional £100 for 3 months on electric for regular use throughout that time and the same for the previous 2 years.

    Well worth it

    1. Thank you for sharing Andrew, most of Europe has air con it’s just the UK that thinks it costs too much money to run

    2. @Yorkies Bits and Bobs Home Tech People think we’re super rich when we mention ac but we’re not. It was £6k fully installed but my argument is it’s considerably cheaper than many cars people drive and we don’t have expensive holidays. As you say, in Europe it’s just considered normal and I noticed when they’re reported about the heatwave on the BBC FB page, lots of comments were not from the UK and just said “why not put on the ac?”.

    3. @Andrew Littleboy Thank you, Andrew, for that comment, As the world heats up or should I say the UK heats up we should all think about aircon for the future, I did and so did you that’s why we have a good nights sleep in the heat.

  3. Really enjoyed the install video, good to get a UK version over the US installs across YT.
    The install cost was surprisingly cheap compared to what I thought it would be. Do you have the model numbers for the AC units?

    Re the running costs, we’ve all been screwed over by the energy markets and its not really the AC alone that’s making it more expensive this year. Your day rate has increased 50% and night rate 100%. Technically you’ve used less energy this quarter! 🙂
    D 907kWh @ 23.144p
    N 266kWh @ 11.046p
    92 days @ 27.279p/day

    D 819kWh @ 32.273p
    N 248kWh @ 21.121p
    84 days 45.104p/day

    If you know the model number(s) it’s possible to estimate the cost using its power draw and average time used?

    FWIW, I had to quickly get a portable A/C (9000TBU) last week for the rack and it costs about 29p/hr to run. Will be interesting to see how much more efficient split systems are as portables aren’t so good.

    Thanks a new subscriber.

    1. Thank you for the comment and subscribing, if you go to this video look in the video description and it has the model numbers for you, We did work it out last year and it worked out about 10 to 15 pence Can’t seem to work it out this year because of the rising cots and the fact I have been adding more electrical equipment

  4. I have Panasonic AC. My app shows that on 19th July 40c day, I was using 10kWh of electricity. Mind you I was WFH so had the AC on all day and night. My energy tariff is 19p per kWh so it cost me less than the price of a coffee.

  5. Can you install the outside unit in your garage? I’m looking to put one in the hallway of the house and would be an easy install through the hallway wall into the integrated garage if it can be done

    1. Placing a condenser unit indoors in an attic or garage will reduce your system’s air supply, which will limit the amount of heat that it’s able to remove from your home. In addition, placing a condenser unit indoors will cause the space around it to heat up, and that heat can radiate into your home’s living spaces

    2. @Yorkies Bits and Bobs Home Tech Sorry, I meant to say I’d primarily be using it for heating the house, not cooling. Would it still be the same?

    3. @John Rambo Sorry but I’m not sure about that, it should work fine but I do not know anyone that has done this

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